About Me

Name: Michelle Andrews

Job Title: Vehicle Administrator

A day in your life at Summit: Jack of all trades, you name it I do it, from ordering cars/vans to organising deliveries and ensuring every step of the journey runs smooth and our customers receive the best service to enable our team to meet my customers’ expectations.

What’s your dream ride?: Horseback riding.

When you’re not in the office, how do you like to spend your time?: Playing Netball, Rounders, walking my dog Ted and a large glass of wine in my hand!

Best thing about being part of the Summit team?: We have the best team – the dream team, we work hard play hard and have lots of fun and lots of dancing in the office 😊

Years in industry: 30

Years in the company: 2

Football team: You Will Never Walk Alone

Favourite food: Italian, Steak, and a good Meat Pie

Favourite drink: Wine, wine, and more wine.

Favourite film: Pretty Woman

Favourite TV: Happy Valley

Favourite book: 50 Shades of Grey

Favourite music/band: Soul, Motown

Favourite holiday: Anywhere hot in the Summer, weekend breaks in the Winter, and not forgetting my Girlie holiday every year to Benidorm - if you have not been you have not lived!

Specialist subject: Singing songs but never getting the words correct, seems to go down a treat with the team in the office!

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