About Me

Name: Katie Wilkinson

Job Title: Sales Support

LinkedIn: Used to have it, can't remember log in... should really sort that out...

A day in your life at Summit: Quoting, hoping I can ring the bell, and trying not to ask Grace a gazillion questions...

What’s your dream ride?: A supersize Yacht or a Gangsta 4x4, not fussy.

When you’re not in the office, how do you like to spend your time?: Trying not to shout at my 8-year-old twins, drinking wine, spending time with friends/family, or buying stuff.

Best thing about being part of the Summit team?: Being part of the gang, so much fun, like a lil’ famalam, and listening to Chelle's singing 😊

Years in industry: 10

Years in the company: 4 months

Football team: England

Favourite food: All the food apart from spice. Chicken Korma kind of gal.

Favourite drink: Cold, crisp, dry white wine, or a strong but milky brew.

Favourite film: Heist/Thriller/Disaster

Favourite TV: All TV, Greys Anatomy, quiz shows, any gripping series.

Favourite book: Peter James – Roy Grace Series

Favourite music/band: Chart/pop, and I bloody love a power ballad.

Favourite holiday: Maldives

Specialist subject: Any useless info, I'm quite good with supermarkets or TV.

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