About Me

Name: Heather O’Donnell

Job Title: Sales

A day in your life at Summit: Making sure all of our amazing sales staff are happy amongst other things….. Jack of all trades, master of non!

What’s your dream ride?: Range Rover Sport

When you’re not in the office, how do you like to spend your time?: Walking my dogs, riding my horse, spending time with my family as well as eating out and a tipple or two of NZ Savy B.

Best thing about being part of the Summit team?: I don’t know many people that love coming to work, we have an amazing team with a great ethos - this makes for a fantastic working environment.

Years in industry: 8

Years in the company: 8

Football team: Don’t have one, I am more interested in Rugby

Favourite food: A good steak cooked medium rare, I am also partial to some nice seafood!

Favourite drink: White wine or Gin and Tonic

Favourite film: A star is born

Favourite TV: Any kind of crime drama

Favourite book: I only ever read on holiday and now I have a little one I imagine this will change!

Favourite music/band: Anything RNB

Favourite holiday: Mykonos

Specialist subject: Singing…I have the voice of an Angel, ask any of my colleagues!

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