About Me

Name: Alice Doyle

Job Title: Senior Accounts Assistant

A day in your life at Summit: Keeping on top of what has been paid, what needs to be paid, and some light detective work where needed.

What’s your dream ride?: Ferrari Portofino M

When you’re not in the office, how do you like to spend your time?: Walking my two Labradors, in the gym, or spending time with friends and family.

Best thing about being part of the Summit team?: Everyone on the team is so lovely, there’s just a positive and friendly atmosphere around the whole office.

Years in industry: 6

Years in the company: I’m brand new!

Football team: Sheffield Wednesday

Favourite food: Pizza, Pasta… basically anything Italian.

Favourite drink: Rum and Coke or Fanta Lemon

Favourite film: In the Heights

Favourite TV: Currently - Ted Lasso

Favourite book: Anything crime thriller

Favourite music/band: Arctic Monkeys (I’m from Sheffield, so this is a legal requirement)

Favourite holiday: Barcelona

Specialist subject: Musicals!

Social media is currently not available