Associate Partnership To Continue With Hull FC Into 2024

Ahead of the launch of Hull FC’s 2024 principal and alternate jerseys tomorrow, Summit Vans are pleased to announce that we will continue as one of the rugby club’s associate partners into the new season.

Summit And Hull Fc Sponsoring - Summit Vans

The Summit Vans brand, representing our popular vehicle leasing and sales business will proudly feature on the chest of the new Hull FC Castore produced playing jerseys throughout the new Betfred Super League campaign, alongside principal partner Ecostrad and another soon to be announced brand new associate partner joining alongside us.

Summit And Hull Fc Scoreboard - Summit Vans

Our partnership with the club began earlier this year and has gone from strength to strength across the 2023 campaign, with our brand already becoming familiar with the Black & White supporters.

As one of the region’s fastest growing vehicle leasing and used vehicle sales companies, Summit Vans are delighted to continue this endeavour further and are looking forward to partnering with the Betfred Super League giants again in 2024. For those who don’t know, Summit Vans is part of the Motorlease-UK group, and we are passionate about revolutionizing commercial vehicle supply, providing flexible leasing and offering unbeatable used vehicle sales, whether you’re looking for vans, pickup trucks, or even cars.

Summit And Hull Fc Armed Forces Jersey - Summit Vans

The Summit Vans branding has already featured on the club’s 2023 jerseys, around the MKM Stadium on match days, and across the Hull FC’s digital output through the popular #FCRoadtrip campaign, which has seen hundreds of supporters get involved by sending in their best photos from their away days this season!

Summit And Hull Fc Kit Van - Summit Vans

Supporters will have also noticed the branded Summit Vans kit van at the MKM Stadium and on the road this season, which we were happy to provide.

Summit And Hull Fc New Kits - Summit Vans

As well as featuring on the front of the new principal and alternate jerseys, both of which will be revealed this evening, we will also feature on the training ranges in 2024.

As we head into the new season we will also continue to grow our digital and match day output with the club, offering supporters plenty of opportunities to get involved in competitions, giveaways, and fan park fun.

Summit And Hull Fc Partnership - Summit Vans

Summit Vans Director Chris Walker, said: “We are thrilled to announce our continued partnership with Hull FC. At Summit Vans, we strive to provide our customers with flexible finance packages, the best customer service and the most reliable vehicles, just as Hull FC strives for excellence on the rugby pitch.

“Both Summit Vans and Hull FC share a drive for success and victory. We are excited to play a bigger part in the Hull FC family and look forward to an incredible journey ahead.”

Summit And Hull Fc Try Time - Summit Vans

Hull FC Chief Executive, James Clark, added: “We have developed a fantastic relationship with Summit Vans over the course of the year and this has been a natural progression for the partnership.

“Chris and his team are fantastic to work with, they’ve really bought into the club and the partnership, which will hopefully yield some positive results.

“They’re another glowing example of a fast-growing, innovative business that’s been developed in Hull but thriving on a national scale.

“But more so they have immersed themselves in the club, they’re supporting us in many other ways beyond just the traditional framework of the partnership, which we’re very grateful for, and we enjoy having Chris, his family and colleagues around the club.”

Summit And Hull Fc St Stephens - Summit Vans

Hull FC will unveil their principal and alternate jerseys for the 2024 campaign this evening (6.00pm) with a special launch event at their brand new retail store in St Stephen’s shopping centre, featuring player appearances from new recruits Jack Ashworth and Morgan Smith – Alongside club captain Carlos Tuimavave.

Airlie and Girlie Bird will also be in attendance, with live music from DJ Eddie Richards – the new store is located on Level 2 (next to Reel Cinema), with supporters able to make the most of 20% off at Zizzi on the night, right next door to the new store!

Summit And Hull Fc Airlie - Summit Vans

A New Rugby Team… Introducing Summit F.C!

There’s a whole array of cars, trucks, and vehicles out there. They come in all shapes and sizes for many different purposes. Just like we do! Ready for a little fun – Ever wondered what a rugby team made up of vehicles would look like? Well, we imagine it would look a little like this.

The Player Profiles

Name: Breakdown Truck (Recovery Truck)

9) Recovery Truck - Summit Vans

Position: Fullback

Squad Number: 1

Date of Birth: 1916

Place of Birth: Tennesse, USA

Height (cm): 450

Weight (kg): 7500-18000

Bio: Breakdown trucks are just like a fullback. When it all goes wrong, these guys are the last line of defence. These hard workers are expected to maintain a certain level of discipline and resolve and come to the rescue to sweep up anyone that’s managed to breakthrough.


Name: Supercar (Ferrari)

8) Name Supercar Position Wings - Summit Vans

Position: Wings

Squad Number: 2 & 5

Date of Birth: 1947

Place of Birth: Italy

Height (cm): 120

Weight (kg): 1500

Bio: Wingers are just like Supercars. With them it’s all about the flair, trickery, and the speed. The style and the attitude. The joie de vivre! These flashy supercars provide the joy, the excitement, and that rush of adrenaline. These high-performance supercars are responsible for finishing off the attacks and scoring the tries, generally claiming most of the applause.


Name: Executive Saloon (BMW 5 Series)

7) Name Executive Saloon (bmw 5 Series) Position Centre - Summit Vans

Position: Centre

Squad Number: 3 & 4

Date of Birth: 1972

Place of Birth: Dingolfing, Germany

Height (cm): 140

Weight (kg): 1900

Bio: Centre’s are like an Executive Saloon. They do more miles than anyone else, but they have that extra turn of speed when needed. Another workhorse of the squad, it can be relied upon to put a shift in but has that extra little flair when needed in offence. Endurance and longevity being the key characteristics needed here.


Name: Tesla

6) Name Tesla Position Stand Off - Summit Vans

Position: Stand-off

Squad Number: 6

Date of Birth: 2001

Place of Birth: San Carlos, California, USA

Height (cm): 150

Weight (kg): 1600

Bio: A general all-rounder, stand-offs can execute a range of quick and accurate passes in both directions, able to execute a range of different kicks to gain territory and able to support team members in both attack and defence. Like a Tesla it says it can do everything, but half the things you never see it do.


Name: Moped (Vespa)

5) Name Moped (vespa) Position Scrum Half (halfback) - Summit Vans

Position: Scrum-half (halfback)

Squad Number: 7

Date of Birth: 1946

Place of Birth: Pontedera, Tuscany, Italy

Height (cm): 110

Weight (kg): 120

Bio: These are quick, nippy, and agile like a Deliveroo master, scamping about the park in all directions. The eyes and ears of the team they’re generally buzzing around, in and out. Like a Vespa they possess large amounts of acceleration and speed to link the forwards to the backs.


Name: HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle such as Scania)

1) Name Hgv - Summit Vans

Position: Prop

Squad No: 8 & 10

Date of Birth: founded 1911 but first recognizable truck 1969

Place of Birth: Sweden

Height (cm): 450

Weight (kg): 7500+

Bio: The big juggernauts of the team delivering the ball for the backs to utilize. Big and cumbersome but alsovital to the team and the defence. HGVs provide a solid foundation for any workforce and proves hard to breakthrough. These imposing HGVs are designed with longevity in mind and to intimidate.


Name: Luton Van (box van such as Ford Transit Luton)

2) Name Luton Van (box Van Such As Ford Transit Luton) Position Hooker - Summit Vans

Position: Hooker

Squad Number: 9

Date of Birth: 1933

Place of Birth: Bedford

Height (cm): 250

Weight (kg): 3500

Bio: Similar to a HGV but a little more resourceful, like a moving truck. Capable of moving smaller loads, they’re still powerful and shoulder lots of responsibilities for the team. Strengths are decision making, planning and comes with lots of additional extras such as tail lifts to make the job easier.

Used 2022 Peugeot Boxer BlueHDi 335 Built for Business For Sale (U150) | Summit Vans


Name: Van (Ford Transit)

3) Name Van (ford Transit) Position Second Row - Summit Vans

Position: Second Row

Squad Number: 11 & 12

Date of Birth: 1965

Place of Birth: Langley, Berkshire

Height (cm): 250

Weight (kg): 2500

Bio: The good old reliable transit van. It does all the hard work no one sees, just like the second row. It can be relied upon to put a decent shift in and do most of the heavy lifting. The real backbone of the squad and a real workhorse. Transit vans are a must have commodity for any businesses that require transporting equipment on a regular basis.

Used 2022 Ford Transit Custom 280 EcoBlue Limited For Sale (U158) | Summit Vans


Name: Pick-up (Ford Ranger)

4) Name Pick Up (ford Ranger) Position Loose Forward - Summit Vans

Position: Loose Forward

Squad Number: 13

Date of Birth: 1982

Place of Birth: Louisville, Kentucky, North America

Height (cm): 180

Weight (kg): 1666

Bio: Doesn’t know if he wants to be a back or forward but steps up when he needs to. Like the Ford Ranger, it can be used for the daily routine, but it really wants to be out there having that off road adventure. Made to be resilient, sturdy, and cover lots of ground.

Used 2022 Ford Ranger EcoBlue Wildtrak For Sale (U164) | Summit Vans


Here at Summit Vans, we’re proud to be sponsoring Hull FC. So, whether you’re looking for a workhorse or something flashy, a loose forward or a second row, get in touch and see what we can offer you.

Summit Vans Unleash an Epic Convoy of Ford Transit Customs to RIM Artium

Buckle up and hold onto your hard hats because Summit Vans have delivered a spectacular fleet of eight shiny, brand new Ford Transit Custom vans to the awesome folks at RIM Artium! This adventure involved a convoy of Summit’s dedicated team, revving their engines and conquering the mighty M62 to make this delivery a memorable one. These fantastic Ford Transit vans have been secured through a highly accessible 12 Month Flexi Lease deal, ensuring RIM Artium’s scaffolding business stays mobile with as little risk as possible. Let’s dive into this exhilarating journey and discover all the fun along the way!


Chapter 1: The Summit Team Gears Up

Picture this: a team of passionate van enthusiasts at Summit Vans, donning their snazzy gear and clutching their maps, preparing for the exhilarating adventure ahead. All eight vans were first kitted out with the Fleet Packs that Summit provide for all flexi customers. As well as seat covers, each fleet pack includes a tyre depth measurer, auto glass cleaner, a mini fire extinguisher, an escape device/torch/beacon, a first aid box and a hi-vis! After kitting the vans out – with a mission to deliver these magnificent machines, the team knew it was time to hit the road and make this a journey to remember.

Rim 3 - Summit Vans

Chapter 2: Conquering the Mighty M62

Engines roared, tires screeched, and the Summit convoy embarked on their daring expedition across the M62. As they cruised through breathtaking landscapes, passing towering wind turbines and picturesque expanses, they couldn’t help but feel the thrill of the open road. Honking their horns in harmony, they spread joy to fellow motorists who couldn’t help but gaze in awe at the parade of Ford Transit Customs.

Rim 2 - Summit Vans

Chapter 3: Road Trip Shenanigans

Every adventure needs its fair share of mischief! As the Summit team made their way towards RIM Artium, they embraced the spirit of fun on their journey. From spontaneous dance-offs at service stations to impromptu karaoke sessions*, these van enthusiasts proved that work and play can indeed go hand in hand. (*Please note, severe embellishment and creative licence has been used in Chapter 3)

Rim 4 - Summit Vans

Chapter 4: Arrival at RIM Artium – Unveiling the Fleet

Finally, the moment arrived when the Summit convoy rolled into RIM Artium’s headquarters near Ponterfract (having first gotten a little lost on the final approach). The air was thick with anticipation as the doors of each van swung open, revealing their pristine cargo space and state-of-the-art features. The RIM Artium team erupted with joy, knowing that these mighty vans would empower them to tackle their scaffolding projects with renewed vigour and efficiency. After the jubilation eventually died down and the vans had been looked over, the team at RIM Artium fought desperately over who got to be in the handover photograph with Josh at Summit Vans!

Rim 5 - Summit Vans

Chapter 5: Flexi Lease Magic

But what makes this delivery even more exciting? The 12-month flexi lease deals that Summit Vans have arranged for RIM Artium! This flexible lease arrangement ensures that RIM Artium can focus on their scaffolding business without worrying about long-term commitments. It’s a win-win situation, allowing both companies to thrive and conquer their respective industries.


With engines revving, tyres gripping the pavement, and a remarkable delivery under their belts, Summit Vans and RIM Artium have embarked on an exciting journey together. This convoy of brand-new Ford Transit Customs has not only enabled more practicality and efficiency to RIM Artium’s operations but has also injected an extra dose of fun into their work environment. So, the next time you spot an eye-catching Summit Van on the road, remember the epic adventure that brought it to life and the businesses it’s empowering along the way! Finally a big thank you to RIM Artium for choosing Summit Vans! It’s always appreciated! Check out RIM Artium’s website for more information about what they do:

Join Us at the Great Yorkshire Show and Driffield Show!

We are excited to announce our presence at two major events: the Great Yorkshire Show in Harrogate from July 11th to July 14th and the Driffield Show on Wednesday, July 19th. We invite you to visit our stands at these shows to experience the best of Summit Vans and take advantage of some special offers. With our friendly, expert staff, a wide range of vehicles, flexi lease options, used vans, and stunning conversion kits all on show, our stands are going to be vantastic! Read on to discover what we have in store for you and the exciting prizes you can win!

Shows 9 - Summit Vans

At Summit Vans, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional vehicles and services tailored to your needs. Whether you’re an individual looking for a single van or a business in need of a fleet solution, we have you covered. These shows are the perfect place for us to show off what we’ve got – We’ll be showcasing our stunning vans, trucks, and the head turning conversion kits that we can use to transform the exterior and interior of an LCV. Come and get up close and personal with them and see how good they are for yourself.

Shows 8 - Summit Vans

We will be representing both our 12 Month Flexi Lease offering and our Used Vehicles offering at both shows, along with the availability for you to take a van on a contract hire package. Just for the shows we will be offering a special price on some of our vans, so if you’re interested, this would be a great time to come and see us.

Shows 6 - Summit Vans


First, we will be attending The Great Yorkshire Show (Harrogate):

Date: July 11th – July 14th

Stand: #747


The following week we will be at the Driffield Show:

Date: July 19th

Stand: #P252


Alongside our vans and expert staff we will also be providing the entertainment, with the chance to win some awesome prizes…

One of these prizes can be won through taking part in our Ball Pool Guessing Game – Estimate the number of balls in the back of the brand-new Ford Ranger on our stand for a chance to win an off-road thrill ride in a Ranger in Thirsk, Yorkshire. This experience will be one to remember.

Shows 7 - Summit Vans

Summit Vans have just become a Hull FC Associate Partner. This means we’ll be collaborating and working closely with the Rugby League giants. This month their new Armed Forces charity jersey has been released, featuring Summit Vans front and centre, so to celebrate our involvement with Hull FC, their black and white, winged mascot Airlie Bird will be joining us at the shows.  Come and see feathers in person! We will be running a social media competition too – the best selfie with Airlie will win the shirt off his back – and it’s one of the striking new charity jersey’s. Take a photo, comment on our post with it, and keep your feathers crossed!

Shows Airlie - Summit Vans

To further celebrate this partnership, we’ll be running a second game on our stand – the rugby pass challenge. Line up and sink 5 shots out of 5 to be in with a chance of winning a new Hull FC Armed Forces jersey, signed by the whole first team! Anyone that takes part will go into a prize draw for a signed Hull FC rugby ball by default so there’s something up for grabs regardless.

Shows 3 - Summit Vans

We’re really looking forward to attending both shows, making some new friends and talking about all things vans, so come and say hello! Whether you’re interested in 12 Month Flexi Lease, contract hire, used vans, or our eye-catching conversion kits, we have the perfect commercial vehicle solution for you. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet the Summit Vans team, explore our exceptional vehicles, and take advantage of exclusive offers at the Great Yorkshire Show and Driffield Show.

Shows 4 - Summit Vans

Join us for a memorable experience filled with entertainment, prizes, and a chance to see the Hull FC partnership in action. We look forward to seeing you there!

Pride of Place on Armed Forces Jersey

Summit Vans are proud to take centre stage on the Hull FC unveiling of their 2023 Armed Forces jersey and training range, which will be worn at their upcoming Armed Forces Match Day against Castleford at the MKM Stadium in July!

The jersey is proudly fronted by Summit Vans, who were announced recently as one of the club’s brand new key associate partners for the 2024 Betfred Super League season having joined the Hull FC commercial family for the first time earlier this year. We have steadily ramped up our collaboration with the Rugy League giants and will be continuing this trend for the foreseeable future.

Sk1 - Summit Vans

Not only does Summit Vans take pride of place on this shirt, but we’re also giving some away to avid Hull FC supporters – signed by the first team! To be in with a chance of winning one of these shirts you can either follow Summit Vans on social media, share our post and tag a friend in the comments: OR you can come and visit Summit Vans at one of their upcoming trade show stands and take part in a rugby themed game to win a chance to get your hands on one of these signed bad boys. We will be at The Great Yorkshire Show, 11-14 July and Driffield Show, 19 July.

Sk2 - Summit Vans

If you’re looking to buy one of these jerseys, they are on sale now online at, and available in the club shops at the MKM Stadium and in St Stephens. Shirts are priced £52.99 for adults, and £39.99 for kids, and available in various sizes, including ladies fit.

But wait, there’s more! Summit Vans makes an appearance on the accompanying Armed Forces Training Range, which is also available now.

The kit looks great and we’ve already seen FC fans adorning the well-received jersey, mere hours after its release.

Sk4 - Summit Vans

This excellent looking shirt takes inspiration from the forces, in particular FC club legend Jack Harrison VC MC, as well as raising awareness for the work of Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust.

It is the third time the Airlie Birds have produced an Armed Forces themed jersey after a British Army themed shirt in 2012, and a Royal Air Force centenary jersey in 2018, as well as wearing a special commemorative shirt against the Armed Forces in a one-off game at the MKM Stadium in 2017 to commemorative 100 years since Jack Harrison fell in battle during the First World War. It’s a real honour to be a part of this.

Sk3 - Summit Vans

The team will be displaying the shirt for the first time at Hull FC’s upcoming Armed Forces Match Day vs Castleford Tigers at the MKM Stadium, on Saturday 15th July at 3.00pm.

After attracting a bumper crowd in 2022, the Armed Forces themed fixture returns with a range of forces activities taking place around the ground pre-match, including a military themed West Park Fan Zone! See you there!


What are the Hull FC Players Driving?

Here at Summit Vans, we’re proud to have teamed up with the mighty Hull FC. So now we’re officially sponsors we want to shout about it. Fancy getting to know some of the team better? Want to know what some of your favouriteplayers are driving? Here’s the low down.

Tex Hoy – Newcastle Australia, Fullback.

Tex Hoy joined Hull FC from NRL side Newcastle Knights ahead of the 2023 Super League season. Very versatile, he’s a confident goal-kicker, can play in the halves, but operates chiefly as a fullback. Blessed with pace and strength, Hoy is a real threat out of the back when playing in the fullback role.

Inner Tex Hoy - Summit Vans














Drives: Mercedes GLA

A classy, comfortable prestige family SUV with a smooth controlled drive. We’re especially loving the luxurious interior with its polished black plastic, leather seats and jet-style air vents which makes it one of the best in its class.


Adam Swift – St Helens, Winger.

Adam Swift teamed up with the Black & Whites ahead of the 2020 campaign. He was a key part of the squad in 2021, ending the season as the club’s top try scorer in all competitions.

Inner Adam Swift - Summit Vans














Drives: Hyundai Tucson

Spacious is the key word here – with plenty of room inside for passengers (even big burly rugby players) to be comfortable along with a cavernous boot to carry all the kit on those long away trips.


Liam Sutcliffe – Leeds, Centre.

The mighty Black and Whites signed Liam from Super League rivals Leeds Rhinos ahead of the 2023 Super League season.  Another versatile player, operating primarily as a centre, but also able to cover in a whole host of alternative positions. He won the Super League title with former club Leeds in 2017.

Inner Liam Sutcliffe - Summit Vans














Drives:  Mercedes E class Coupe 

Everything about this car screams comfort. With its plush interior, the Mercedes E class Coupe is a comfortable drive and riding lower to the ground makes for a quiet ride, perfect for cruising.


Jake Clifford – Cairns, Australia, Halfback

Joining Hull City from Newcastle Knights along with his teammate Tex Hoy, Clifford captained Australia Under 18s in the latter stage of his teenage years, before going on to make a name for himself in the NRL.

Inner Jake Clifford - Summit Vans














Drives: Mazda CX3

Safe, reliable, and economical. These are key themes here, which is no bad thing when talking about driving. The Mazda has a strong economical petrol engine and also scores highly in the safety category with outstanding safety features to the driver and front seat occupier.


Danny Houghton – Hull, Hooker.

Hull-born hooker Danny Houghton made his debut for the Black and Whites back in 2007 and has since become an integral part of the starting line-up. The number nine’s name is in a highly prestigious Steve Prescott Man of Steel winners list after scooping the award in 2016.

Inner Danny Houghton - Summit Vans














Drives: Nissan X Trail

A large SUV that’s perfect for growing families. With the option of adding a 3rd row of seats, the interior is spacious and accommodating with plenty of room for all the kit so you’re ready for those outdoor adventures.


Jordan Lane – Hull, 2nd Row.

The academy graduate forward has since become a part of the furniture within the Black & Whites squad, winning the club’s Young Player of the Year award in 2019. Known for hitting the line with power and speed, Lane is a key player in Hull FC’s attack, meanwhile, his strength is equally important in defence.

Inner Jordan Lane - Summit Vans














Drives: Audi Q5

One of the most popular SUV’s out there and for good reason. A high-quality interior mixed with the right level of sportiness and great usability. A quiet yet punchy engine provides a smooth driving experience. Ticks all the boxes for us.


Cam Scott – Bradford, Centre.

Another academy graduate, he made his Super League debut in 2018. He can feature in several positions, but he is most frequently seen at centre. In 2022, Scott was given the club’s Try of the Season award for his sensational individual effort against Salford Red Devils in the Round 3 victory.

Inner Cameron Scott - Summit Vans














Drives: Audi A3

A strong family hatchback with sharp handling that makes for an enjoyable drive. The handling is key feature of this car, which is predictable, secure, and engaging. With excellent balance, it grips the road well for a sportier drive.


Jack Brown – Hull, Prop.

Jack Brown signed his first professional deal with Hull FC after graduating from the academy in 2019. Shortly after signing his first-team deal, Brown was named in the England Under 19s Performance Squad in 2018.

Inner Jack Brown - Summit Vans














Drives: Hyundai Tucson

Another vote for the Hyundai Tucson, this family SUV is proving a popular choice among our players. The extremely spacious interior is clearly a priority when you’re car sharing on your way to the training ground.


Josh Griffin – Oxford, 2nd Row.

Josh Griffin signed for the Black & Whites ahead of the 2017 campaign. He’s a powerful centre who is offensively minded with lethal capability on the edges with his impressive yardage figures. Following a stellar campaign in the 2019 season, Griffin was crowned Hull FC’s Player of the Year.

Inner Josh Griffin - Summit Vans














Drives: Audi A3 Saloon

The Audi A3 is both comfortable and well equipped making it a competitive option against its closest rivals. We’re loving the large 10.1inch touchscreen infotainment system that comes as standard, handy for keeping everyone entertained on the way to the training ground.

If you want to follow in the footsteps of these superstars, check out our vehicles for sale or have a look at our flexi-lease options.

We’re Going on an Epic Road Trip with Hull F.C.

We’re Going on an Epic Road Trip with Hull F.C.

We’ve got Summit awesome to tell you… we are the proud new sponsors of the mighty Black & Whites, the Betfred Super League club, Hull FC! This partnership has been a long time in the making but it’s absolutely been worth it and we’re so excited we can finally shout all about it.

Here’s what our sponsorship with Hull F.C. means:

  • This season you’ll find the Summit Vans logo on the back of the club’s principle shirt and if you want to get your hands on one of these you can, right here. This shirt, complete with our logo made its debut on Friday 24th February in front of 1,500 travelling Hull F.C. fans (and not to mention thousands more watching on SkySports) as they clashed with Leeds Rhino’s in Headingley
  • On top of that, we’re taking pride of place as the main sponsor for the club’s Rugby League Charity Day, so watch this space for updates on what you can expect from this fantastic event and don’t forget to buy your tickets so you don’t miss out on the Magic Weekend. Look our for Summit Vans featuring on the front of the team shirts too!
  • Next season you will find Summit Vans on the front of the team’s third kit shirt – that shirt is teal just like our logo so of course we couldn’t resist such a perfect match!
  • And last but no means least, Summit Vans will be the main sponsor for Hull F.C. throughout the 2025 season and we cannot wait! It’s time to join the #FCRoadTrip


If you want to know more about this partnership and hear what Hull F.C. have to say about this exciting new venture, then check out their press release right here.


And just in case you’ve been living under a rock for the last 150 years or so, here’s what you need to know about Hull F.C.:

  • They’re one of the oldest clubs in professional sport, with over 150 years under their belt, since being established in 1865
  • They’re in the Super League and they play at their impressive MKM Stadium
  • They have a few nicknames including the “Black & Whites” and “The Airlie Birds”
  • They’ve won the Challenge Cup, not one, not two but FIVE times, including back-to-back wins in 2016 and 2017
  • They’ve been named Rugby League Champions SIX times
  • They won the Rugby League Premiership in 1991
  • They were named 2016s Super League Club of the Year
  • AND… the Hull F.C. Foundation is considered one of the leading community sports Charities not just in Yorkshire, but in the whole of the UK

In other words, Hull F.C. are awesome at what they do and here at Summit Vans, we’re all about awesome. The club have been at the center of Hull’s culture and community for over 150 years and as Summit Van’s hometown, we’re proud to be teaming up with such an impressive part of our city’s spirit.

#HullandProud #FCRoadTrip #COYH

Summit Vans on Tour!

Summit Vans is going on tour!

We’ve been working hard to create an awesome collection of Rangers and Custom Vans that are ready for YOU to lease. We’re so proud of this current van collection, we’re taking it on the road to the Scottish Game Fair, the Great Yorkshire Show and the Driffield Show.

Our full range of converted vehicles will be there as well as our friendly and insightful staff so we can answer all your questions about van leasing and van conversions. You’ll also be able to see our amazing high spec and quality finishes in the flesh, it’s not to be missed!

Here are the dates you need for your diary as well as those all-important links so you can buy your tickets:

So, what’s a ranger and why would you want to lease one?

The Ford Ranger is arguably the best compact pick-up truck ever built. It balances comfort and practicality perfectly, so it’s not only the off-road workhorse you’d expect it to be, but a stylish, high spec vehicle too. The Ford Ranger comes in several different versions: the two seat Regular Cab, the four seat Super Cab and the Double Cab. The interiors are washable, the wheels are steel and there’s enough dramatic black trim to last a lifetime. The Double Cab has the advantage of five seats AND four doors, making it, in our opinion, the most family friendly option in the Ranger collection.

If you, your friends or your family enjoy anything and everything from hiking, mountain biking, camping, touring, off-roading, surfing, water sports, fishing… you name it, then leasing a ranger from the team here at Summit Vans could be the right choice for you.

Come and see us while we’re on tour and browse our fantastic collection for yourself.

Meet the Converted Vans…

Everything you need to know about our Converted Vans

If you’re looking for a Ford Van or a Ford Ranger with a difference, then our van conversions could be just what you’re looking for. You can choose from two van conversion packages: an exterior conversion only or an interior plus exterior conversion. In this blog post, we’re here to tell you more about just what you can expect from our converted vans and rangers…

Summit Converted Vans

Our exterior conversions for vans introduce a front Ford grille, a bumper diffuser and fog light surrounds plus our exclusive Summit Vans stickering. If you take it up a level to our fully customised conversion package, then you’ll get all of that plus our three-slat design and perforated leather seats, suede door card arm rests and passenger side suede dashboard with Summit Vans branding.

Picture1 - Summit Vans

Summit Converted Rangers

If a ranger is more your style, then you can make it even more you, with our conversion packages for rangers too. As before you can choose from an exterior only conversion which offers a front grille and arches on all quarters plus a front corner, you’ll get painted black roof rails and load rails and of course, our Summit branded stickering and just like our converted vans, there’s the option of our interior customisation too.

Summit Vans Signpost 6 Result - Summit Vans

Summit Vans Content Page Body Image 15 Result - Summit Vans

So to recap, at Summit Vans we offer two levels of conversion for our Ford Transit and Ford Ranger collection. Here are the details:

Converted Vans Converted Rangers
Conversion Package 1 (Exterior only) Front grille Front grille
Bumper diffuser Arches on all quarters
Fog light surrounds Front corner
Summit branded stickering Painted black roof rails and load rails
Summit branded stickering
Conversion Package 2 (Exterior & Interior) All conversion package 1 All conversion package 1
Three slat design & perforated leather seats Three slat design & perforated leather seats
Suede door card arm rests Suede door card arm rests
Passenger side suede dashboard with Summit branding Passenger side suede dashboard with Summit branding

If you’re interested in leasing a van with one of our conversion packages, please contact our friendly team today.

What is Contract Hire?

What is Contract Hire?

In simple terms, Contract Hire (Business Contract Hire or Personal Contract Hire) is a method of funding for the use of a vehicle for a set period of time, essentially like hiring a vehicle, but not the overall ownership of it.

It allows you to choose the vehicle you want, use it for a set period of time and an anticipated mileage and then give it back at the end of the period of hire. The risks are therefore with the leasing company under contract hire agreements.

The customer rents the vehicle for a fixed period of time and pays a fixed (normally monthly) rental for the use. The customer is not responsible for the disposal or sale price of the vehicle at the end of the contract – which makes it a very easy and risk free way to run a vehicle.

The only risk to the customer is where the agreed mileage limit is exceeded or if the vehicle is not maintained and kept in good condition.

What do the rentals cover?

The rentals paid by the customer should cover the depreciation costs of the vehicle over the term of the agreement plus interest, but not the full cost of the vehicle. The leasing company will have a residual value risk at the end of the term.


Deposits are not taken, however Advance Rentals are usually paid by the customer at the start of the term. The amounts are usually agreed by the customer and the leasing company but three, six or nine advance rentals are common.

The payments made are based on the price of the vehicle, the term of the lease and agreed mileage.

The rentals during the remainder of the terms will be ‘spread’ equally over the term, or there may be a terminal pause.

All the rentals will attract VAT at the current rate.

During an agreement

The customer agrees to make regular rental payments to the leasing company as per the Contract Hire agreement and must keep the vehicle fully insured and in a roadworthy and good general condition.

Service and maintenance plans are sometimes incorporated into Contract Hire agreements to provide the customer with fixed cost motoring which can help with budgeting and planning.

The end of the agreement

At the end of the contract term, the customer will have paid all the agreed rental payments. The vehicle would be returned to the leasing company and the customer is not responsible for the sale of the vehicle.

If the vehicle has exceeded the agreed mileage, than a pence per mile charge plus VAT would apply to each mile over the agreed amount.

If the vehicle has not been maintained or serviced according to the manufacturer’s recommendation, or ‘fair wear and tear’ has been exceeded, the customer would be charged to compensate for the poor condition of the vehicle.

A Contract Hire agreement can be settled at any point during the term, however penalties for doing so are often high.

A customer can request to extend the length of the contract past the originally agreed period; there may be a change in the rental amounts to do so.

What are you waiting for?

The benefits of a Contract Hire agreement to a customer are vast. With a fantastic choice of vehicles and an affordable way of having a new car every few years, what is there to lose?

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