The Benefits of Short-Term Flexi Leasing

Does your new or small business need a van but you’re not sure how long you’ll need it for? Are you looking to expand, and your new employee needs a van but only on a short-term basis? Do you have a kickass project coming up, but you won’t need a van after it’s completed? Are you waiting for your forever van to arrive but need something now to tide you over? Do you simply want to try before you buy and see if the right van suits your business needs? This is just a snapshot of scenarios but if you answered yes to any of these then you’ve come to the right place! We believe we have the answer. Introducing, our awesome take on Short Term Leasing, the 12 Month Flexi-lease! One simple idea, one simple solution. Our short-term flexi lease could be the answer to all your problems!

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Short-Term Flexi Leasing

Here at Summit Vans, we understand that you need a van to make a living. Having the right van is an essential part of your business, an important asset, and the main tool of your trade. We also understand that it’s a big financial commitment and that one size certainly does not fit all. Whilst most leasing contracts tie you in for a standard 2-5 years, we know that not everyone wants or needs that long-term commitment. What you really want is flexibility. Great news! Our short-term leasing options give you the much-needed flexibility that you’re looking for.

Our vehicles are available on a flexible, 12-month lease term with only a small refundable deposit up front to pay. With no long-term commitments, you can enjoy the benefit of having a state-of-the-art new van every 12 months! Add to this the rapid improvements in technology, short term flexi-leasing means you can upgrade your van to a newer model with more frequency, giving you access to all the latest features and mod cons. There’s nothing better than the feel of driving a new van so why not do it more regularly?

Flexibility is obviously the main factor here, but there are more cool benefits to flexible leasing. Such as lower monthly payments or more importantly fixed monthly payments. We understand there are lots of costs involved in running your business so short-term leasing gives you the security you need to budget effectively.

Along with the chance to get an awesome brand-new van every 12 months, other benefits of flexi-leasing include tax deductions, road fund licence and no hassle when it comes to resale. If that wasn’t enough our short-term van leasing provides a generous monthly milage allowance, a manufacturer’s warranty, servicing included, and nationwide delivery is available. It’s the hassle-free way to get started, so keep things simple with flexi-lease.

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So, if a short-term solution is what you’re after, there’s no need to look any further than our 12-month Flexi-lease. It’s the easiest way to short term lease your next epic van! View our range of available vehicles here or drop us message here to find out more. Your next adventure awaits.

Van Conversions: Take to the Road in Serious Style

What is a van conversion?

Custom van conversions offer an interesting opportunity to evolve the outside and/or inside of your van. It goes without saying that the most exciting part of a van customisation is the ability to personalise the space. You can create a van that reflects your personality, needs, and style through this creative process.

At Summit Vans we offer a range of amazing van customisation options and kick-ass body kits, plus we offer our industry leading 12 Month Flexi Lease deals to help make it easier and more affordable to get into a kitted van! But is van customisation for you?


Van Conversions Style Transit Decals 2 - Summit Vans

Van conversions for Ford Transit drivers

If you work in trade, then there is a strong chance that your mode of transport is a standard transit van. If you’re spending so much time in this vehicle to get from A to B, you may consider investing in something a little nicer if it’s your everyday ride.

Or if you work for a luxury brand that requires vans to do their work, choosing a custom van helps bring the quality, style, and finish of the vehicle up to the same standard as the brand you work for. Afterall, who wouldn’t want to drive around in style?

Van Conversions Style Transit Wheel - Summit Vans

If that sounds like you, then check out our Ford Transit Exterior Conversion options. Converion body kits include extended and exaggerated front corners with incorporated splitter elements, redesigned fog light surrounds and aerodynamic two-piece split roof wings. You could have a “Ford” OEM raptor grille and 20” custom wheels too. To finish it all off we can provide exclusive decals and of it goes without saying that any vehicle will come fitted and painted appropriately.

Van Conversions Style Transit Grille - Summit Vans

When it comes to the interior of the transit van, we have conversion options available here too. The Transit Custom van conversion package includes a range of great features. For starters, seats are hand-trimmed in 3D blade design panelled and perforated leather. The door tops are hand-trimmed in Alcantara with debossed sterling branding, as well as a revamped dashboard and binnacle with the same styling. The front carpets are fitted with exclusive plates too.

Van Conversions Style Transit Seats - Summit Vans

The DCIV van conversion package offers all of this plus the middle bench seat is upgraded to include hand-trimmed 3D blade design panelled and perforated leather and the middle carpet is fitted with exclusive plates as well.

Van Conversions Style Transit Rear - Summit Vans

If these options sound good to you, why not upgrade your transit van with one of our ford transit van conversion packages? We use multiple suppliers to source and fit different body kits so if you’re interested it’s always best to get in touch to find out exactly what’s on offer.


Van Conversions Style Ranger Front - Summit Vans

Conversion packages for Ford Ranger drivers

With the Ford Ranger Exterior Conversion, we offer a wicked exterior bodykit, complete with wheel arches, integrated bumper corners and a front grille replacement with mesh. The package also includes utility badges and decals, 20” wheels fitted with exceptional tyres in a set of four, and colour coding. Depending on the kit of choice you’ll likely find Mustang headlights, smoked rear lights and a tinted Ford badge to complement the sporty look.

Van Conversions Style Ranger Wheel And Arches - Summit Vans

When it comes to the Ford Ranger Interior Conversion kit all seats are hand-trimmed in 3D blade design panelled and perforated leather. The centre glovebox is also customised in hand-trimmed perforated leather, as are all doors cards. Front carpets are fitted with exclusive plates, and to finish off, the dashboard is fitted with hand-trimmed Alcantara with embossed branding.

Van Conversions Style Ranger Badges - Summit Vans

The Ford Ranger conversion body kits truly transform this industry leading truck into a different beast altogether – A truck which thrives on a whole new playing field in a league of it’s own.


Getting your van conversion on an awesome Summit Flexi Lease deal

Before we close, here’s just a little bit about our 12 Month Flexi Lease deals. Our vehicles are available on a flexible, 12-month van lease term with only a small, refundable security fee up front to pay. With no long-term commitments, you could enjoy the benefit of having a new custom van every 12 months.

Van Conversions Style Ranger Dashboard - Summit Vans

So, what’s included in our van and truck leasing flexible package?

  • From 1,250 miles per month, or 15,000 per year
  • Short term, low risk leasing
  • Manufacturer warranty
  • Road fund licence
  • Nationwide delivery
  • Conversion body kits available


Van Conversions Style Ranger Seat - Summit Vans

So, to sum it all up, custom van conversions are definitely one of the most popular and exciting ways in which you can reinvigorate your van. And with our wide range of customisation plans AND flexible leasing packages, you’re absolutely spoilt for choice. Take a peak at some of our awesome van conversion plans and bask in the style.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Selling Your Used Van

Selling your used van can be a rewarding experience if you know how best to go about it. Whether you’re upgrading to a newer model or your business has changed its vehicle needs, selling a used van requires careful planning and execution, and it requires time. We know a thing or two about selling commercial vehicles so figured we’d pull together a quick guide to selling your van. Over the next few minutes you’ll read everything you need to know to help you navigate the full selling process with confidence, ensure a successful sale and a smooth transition to the next chapter of your automotive journey.

Summit Vans are always open to buying vans and trucks, so if you’re looking to skip all this and save time on the selling process whilst getting a good price on your vehicle based on its actual worth, then click here: VALUE MY VAN/TRUCK

If you’re looking to sell a van or truck yourself, then please read on…


Step 1: Prepare Your Van for Sale

Before listing your van for sale, it’s crucial to ensure it’s in the best possible condition:

Clean Thoroughly: Start by giving your van a meticulous cleaning, both inside and out. Remove any clutter, vacuum the interior, and wash the exterior. A clean van is more attractive to potential buyers.

Minor Repairs: Assess your van for any minor repairs that can enhance its appeal. This might include fixing dents, replacing broken lights, or repairing minor mechanical issues.

Maintenance Records: Gather all maintenance and service records for your van. Having a comprehensive history of maintenance can instil confidence in potential buyers and help justify your asking price.


Sell Blog 2 - Summit Vans

Step 2: Determine the Van’s Market Value

Understanding the market value of your van is crucial for setting a competitive price:

Research Online: Utilize online tools and resources to research the current market value of your specific make and model. You can try ours here: VALUE MY VAN >

Consider Extras: Take into account any additional features or aftermarket modifications your van may have. These can affect its value.

Realistic Pricing: Be realistic when setting your asking price. Overpricing may deter potential buyers, while under-pricing could mean losing out on potential profit.


Sell Blog 3 - Summit Vans

Step 3: Create an Attractive Listing

Your online listing plays a significant role in attracting potential buyers:

High-Quality Photos: Take clear, well-lit photos of your van from various angles. Include shots of the interior, exterior, engine, and any special features.

Detailed Description: Write a compelling and honest description of your van. Highlight its key features, specifications, and any recent maintenance or upgrades. Mention any unique selling points, such as low mileage or a clean history.

Honesty Matters: Be transparent about any issues or wear and tear. Honesty builds trust with buyers.


Sell Blog 4 - Summit Vans

Step 4: Advertise Your Van

Getting the word out about your van is essential:

Online Classifieds: List your van on popular online classified websites like Autotrader, Motors, Facebook Marketplace, eBay or Gumtree. Include your high-quality photos and detailed description.

Social Media: Share your listing on your social media profiles and in relevant local groups or forums. Encourage friends and family to share it as well.

Local Newspapers: Consider placing an ad in local newspapers or automotive magazines if applicable.


Step 5: Screen Potential Buyers

Ensuring your safety and the legitimacy of the sale is paramount:

Verify Identity: When potential buyers contact you, ask for their full name, contact information, and a valid ID. This can help you screen out suspicious inquiries.

Arrange Safe Meetings: When scheduling viewings or test drives, meet in a well-lit, public place, ideally during daylight hours. Avoid meeting at your home.


Sell Blog 5 - Summit Vans

Step 6: Schedule Test Drives

Test drives allow potential buyers to assess your van’s condition:

Set Ground Rules: Before the test drive, establish ground rules such as requiring a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance.

Accompany the Buyer: Accompany the buyer during the test drive. This ensures the safety of both parties and allows you to answer any questions.


Sell Blog 6 - Summit Vans

Step 7: Negotiate the Sale

Effective negotiation can help you reach a fair deal:

Flexibility: Be open to reasonable offers. Buyers may negotiate, so be prepared to discuss price and terms.

Escrow Services: Consider using a reputable escrow service to handle the financial aspect of the transaction, ensuring a secure and smooth sale.


Step 8: Complete the Paperwork

Proper paperwork is crucial for a legally binding sale:

V5C Transfer: Sign over the V5C registration certificate to the buyer, and make sure all necessary fields are filled out correctly. If in any doubt, you can always request a new V5C through the government website.

MOT Certificate: Make sure you can provide a valid MOT certificate, otherwise the buyer cannot drive away the vehicle under any circumstances.

Bill of Sale: Create a bill of sale that includes the sale price, date, and both buyer and seller information. Both parties should sign this document. This isn’t vital, but could be useful to have on record.

Notification: Notify the relevant authorities of the sale, ensuring the transfer of ownership is recorded properly.


Sell Blog 7 - Summit Vans

Step 9: Receive Payment Securely

Protect yourself by receiving payment securely:

Certified Checks or Electronic Transfer: Encourage the use of certified checks or electronic funds transfer for payment. Avoid accepting cash for safety reasons.

Provide a Receipt: Issue a receipt to the buyer, acknowledging the payment.


Step 10: Finalize the Sale

Complete the sale and tie up loose ends:

Cancel Insurance: Contact your insurance provider to cancel coverage on the van once the sale is finalized.

Remove Personal Belongings: Ensure you’ve removed all personal items and accessories from the van before handing it over to the buyer.


Sell Blog Final - Summit Vans

By following these steps, you can navigate the process of selling your used van with a fair amount of confidence. Selling a van can be a generally smooth and profitable experience when approached systematically and with care. Whether you’re upgrading to a newer model or simply looking to part ways with your van, a well-executed sale benefits both you and the buyer.

Good luck with your van sale! And remember, at Summit Vans we want to buy your van – if you’re looking to save time on selling a van yourself, simply click on the link below and we will provide a no obligation valuation to purchase your vehicle:


The Difference Between Personal & Business Van Leasing

Personal VS business vehicle leasing – what’s the difference?

So, let’s start by defining what vehicle leasing is. Essentially, it’s the long term rental of a new vehicle, and there’s two options to choose between: personal and business vehicle leasing (or contract hire as we call it here at Summit Vans). They’re both pretty similar in terms of their processes, but there are some key differences between the two, which we’ll outline below.

First things first, personal car or van leases are for private use, whilst business car or van leasing enables companies to hire new vehicles for work purposes. But whether you’re leasing a vehicle for personal or business use, an upfront deposit will be required and then monthly instalments thereafter for a set period. The higher the initial deposit, the lower the monthly repayments and remember: these payments don’t go towards owning the vehicle. At the end of the lease agreement, the vehicle keys are returned. And there’ll be nothing additional to pay, provided you’ve stuck to the pre-agreed annual mileage and kept the vehicle in good condition. When your lease agreement ends, you’ll make the final monthly repayment and will then have the option to start a new lease with a brand-new vehicle!


Who is responsible for the lease agreement?

If you take out a personal car lease, then the leasing company will run a credit check to ensure you personally can afford the monthly repayments on the vehicle. It’s very likely you’ll need to provide the following details: photo ID, proof of address, bank details and your employment/income details. Unlike personal car leasing where it’s the individual’s name on the paperwork, if it’s the company leasing a vehicle, then they’ll be responsible for signing all of the paperwork and making the payments.


Are there any differences in tax benefits between personal and business leasing?

 If you take out a personal car lease, you’ll have to pay VAT (value added tax) on top of payments you make each month. Businesses who lease cars or vans are able to claim back at least 50% of the VAT paid on the lease unless they are able to prove that the vehicle is solely used for business purposes, in which case they can claim back 100% of the VAT.


Are there any differences between mileage on a personal car lease and a business car lease?

 It doesn’t matter whether it’s a personal or a business lease, any and all contracts will come with an annual mileage limit. If you go over the agreed annual mileage limit, then there will be a fee to pay (for example, a 10p charge for every mile over the agreed limit). Annual mileage limits are often higher on business leases than they are on personal leases. This is because company cars or commercial vans tend to do a lot of travel up and down motorways as part and parcel of the job. The mileage will vary from deal to deal, but the maximum is generally 40,000 miles a year. It’s also worth noting that the higher the annual mileage, the higher the monthly repayments too.


How long can you lease the vehicle for?

One of the benefits that comes with leasing a vehicle is flexibility when deciding the length of the contract term. The majority of lease contracts are for either two and three years, but it’s also possible to arrange deals for four years and even five years. At Summit Vans,alongside our more traditional contract hire agreements, we also offer a 12 month flexi-lease agreement with no long term commitments and a range of quality, high-spec vans to choose from. So at the end of the 12 months, you can either return the vehicle and reclaim your deposit (providing the vehicle isn’t damaged), or jump into another brand new van for another 12 months!

In summary, whilst personal and business vehicle leasing are very similar, they do differ when it comes to tax benefits, annual mileage limits and whether the lease agreement is with you as the individual or with the business. Here at Summit Vans, we offer lots of business leases and even personal leases, and we are passionate about getting our customers in the right van with the right funding package. So if it’s a contract hire or flexi-lease you’re interested in, why not talk to one of our super friendly team members today?

Discovering Summit Vans for Sale in Hull

Are you in pursuit of the perfect van that encapsulates both functionality and style? Look no further than Summit Vans in Hull, where a world of exceptional vehicles awaits your exploration. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the realm of Summit Vans, shedding light on why we’re a go-to choice for individuals seeking vans that combine performance, innovation, and reliability.

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Unveiling Summit Vans: Where Excellence Meets Adventure

Summit Vans has etched its name as a prominent player in the van market, offering a diverse range of vehicles that cater to a spectrum of preferences and lifestyles. Here’s why Summit Vans has become a destination for those seeking quality used vans for sale in Hull:


Used Vans Blog Yellow - Summit Vans

Versatility Redefined

One of the standout features of Summit Vans is their commitment to offering versatile solutions that cater to a myriad of needs. Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking for a reliable commercial van, a family seeking a spacious and comfortable ride, or an adventurer yearning for excitement on wheels, Summit Vans has you covered. Our used van range includes panel vans, double cab vans, dropsides, conversion kitted vans from a range of suppliers, pickup trucks, small vans, high tops, fully electric vans, autos and manuals – Pretty much any type of van can make it onto our used stocklist.

When it comes to procurement, we’ll buy vans from people or part-exchange. Although we’re flexible when it comes to part ex’s, we’re also vigorous to ensure we only bring high quality vehicles into our van and truck range. Many of our vans for sale are ex lease vans with low mileage – some of them are practically new.

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Local Connection, National Coverage

Being based in Hull, Summit Vans understands the unique demands and preferences of the local community. We also understand the needs of the commercial vehicle market. This understanding translates into our used van offerings, ensuring that the vans we source and provide to customers are well-suited for a dynamic environment and catering for a range of diverse lifestyles.


Used Vans Blog Seats - Summit Vans

Customer-Centric Approach

Summit Vans places customer satisfaction at the forefront of our operations. Our team of specialists are not only knowledgeable about vans, inside and out, but are attentive to your needs, guiding you through the process of selecting the van that aligns with your requirements and budget, whether you’re looking for a used work van or a used van for personal use.  With our range of used vans for sale we’ll help you find the best one for you.


Used Vans Blog Wheel - Summit Vans

Embark on Your Summit Vans Experience

Embarking on a journey to find the perfect van for sale in Hull becomes an exciting adventure when Summit Vans is your destination. Our commitment to versatility, innovation, and customer satisfaction makes us a reliable partner in your pursuit of the ideal vehicle. From work vans that elevate your business operations to adventure vans that redefine travel, Summit Vans has the solution that ticks all your boxes.


Used Vans Blog Conversion - Summit Vans

In Conclusion

When the quest is for vans that seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetics, Summit Vans in Hull does everything we can to stand out as a beacon of excellence. We strive to elevate your driving experience to new heights. Whether you’re a Hull local or a visitor, if you’re in the market for a used commercial vehicle, or a van for personal use, you should definitely check out the Summit Vans used van range before you commit to buying elsewhere. With cash purchases or finance packages available we will be as flexible as possible to help get you into the van or truck that’s right for you.

Step into our world, explore our used van range, and pave the way for unforgettable journeys ahead. Your perfect van awaits, ready to take you on a transformative ride. Our used van stock rotates all the time so if you’re in the market and you can’t see what you’re looking for amongst our stock, get in touch anyways and we’ll see what we can procure.

Summit Vans for sale – used vans, used trucks, used kitted vans, used commercial vehicles… So many options at such high quality.

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Should I Lease or Purchase? The Advantages of Buying a Used Van…

At Summit Vans we pride ourselves on our market leading lease offering but we also celebrate the benefits and value we offer through our used van sales.

When it comes to finding the perfect vehicle for your business needs, purchasing a used van can be a wise decision. While the appeal of a shiny new van may be tempting, there can be various advantages to choosing a used van instead. Let’s explore the benefits of used van sales and why this can be a smart choice for you.

We’ll get the obvious advantages covered first. Anyone can purchase a used van – whether you’re buying for personal use, or looking for a van for your business. The other immediate benefit that differs from a new van on a leasing package is that when you purchase a used van with either cash or finance, you own the van. The vehicle is essentially yours to do whatever you want with.


Cost Savings

One of the most significant advantages of purchasing a used van is the cost savings it can offer. Used vans are generally more affordable compared to buying their brand-new counterparts (which is why we offer affordable leasing packages on our new vans!). By choosing a used van, you can allocate your budget more efficiently, freeing up funds for other essentials. Lower purchase costs also mean lower monthly payments, making it easier for you to manage your finances.



New vehicles tend to lose a significant portion of their value generally in the first year or so of ownership. This depreciation can be a major concern, especially if you’re looking to maximize the value of your assets. By purchasing a used van, you are more likely to avoid the steepest depreciation period and acquire a vehicle that has already experienced its initial value drop. This way, you can protect your investment and potentially sell the van in the future without incurring substantial losses.


More Options

The used van market offers a vast array of options, making it easier to find a van that perfectly matches your specific requirements. Whether you need a compact van for city deliveries or a larger one for transporting goods or equipment, there is a wide selection of models, sizes, and configurations available in the used market. Every van is unique in the used van world, and it’s this variety that allows businesses or individuals to choose a van that suits their needs without compromising on functionality, or breaking the bank.


Reduced Insurance Costs

Insuring a brand-new vehicle can come with higher premiums due to its higher value. In contrast, used vans generally have lower insurance costs. This reduced insurance expense can result in substantial savings, especially when combined with the cost savings on the purchase itself. By opting for a used van, you can keep your insurance expenses in check and allocate your resources more effectively.



Modern vehicles, including vans, are built to last longer and deliver reliable performance over an extended period. By choosing a used van from a reputable dealer like Summit, you can ensure that the vehicle has been well-maintained and is in good condition. Additionally, you can take advantage of vehicle history reports and service records to gain insights into the van’s maintenance history, providing you with added peace of mind. At Summit, we will only deal reliable part-exchanges, but when we’re sourcing used vans for additional stock we also have quality checks that each vehicle needs to pass before we’ll add it to our forecourt – including a low number of owners, no mechanical faults and low mileage, among other control factors.



You might be surprised that many used vans likely have most of the mod-cons you’d only expect to find in brand new LCVs. With the relentless upscaling in infotainment, comfort, safety and convenience over the past few years, most used vans manufactured in the past 3 or 4 years will probably tick most of your boxes in the ‘features’ category.


In conclusion, while new vans will always have their appeal and the very latest bells and whistles, the used van market holds a few trump cards of its own, making a used commercial vehicle a very viable and prudent choice. The associated cost savings, reduced depreciation, wider range of options, lower insurance costs, and reliable performance make used vans an attractive proposition, even when compared to buying a brand new van.

When considering your next van purchase, be sure to explore the used market to find a van that fits your needs and budget. By doing so, you can make a financially savvy decision that positively impacts your business in the long run. Here’s everything we have in stock right now. The market moves quickly so be sure to check back often!

Alternatively, you can always check out our Flexi Lease offers if you do want a brand new van. The affordability of leasing might surprise you…

Summit’s Always Happening in Melton, North Ferriby and Hull

Here at Summit Vans we’re proud to call East Yorkshire our home. You can find us at 16 Redcliff Road, Melton, North Ferriby, North Humberside, HU14 3RS (so now you’ve got the address, there’s no excuse not to visit). But what’s a van leasing business doing in an East Yorkshire village you ask… well let’s just say, there’s never a dull moment! Let us tell you more…

First up, North Ferriby has Viking heritage and there’s not a lot of history that’s cooler than that. The story goes that the Danes first rocked up here in the 9th century AD on their long boats and created villages. In North Ferriby’s case, it was named Ferja Bi (place by the ferry) and the name, despite a few changes in spelling and pronunciation, seems to have stuck. If you’re workplace doesn’t have Viking heritage like ours, then it’s definitely not as cool, just saying.

600x400 Ranger01 - Summit Vans

Second, we’re located bang smack on the riverside of the mighty Humber estuary and that means we’ve got water sports a plenty, right on the doorstep. There’s Welton Water Sports Club. Humber Bridger Water Ski Club and the Kingston Kayak Club to name just a few. And let’s be honest, if you’re in the area and enjoy your water sports, we’d bet good money you’re struggling to cart all your kit around if you haven’t got a van or ranger to help you out… so that’s one reason to come on down and talk to us at least.

It’s not all about the water sports down here in North Ferriby though. Our showroom is also just on the edge of the Yorkshire Wolds Way, a 79-mile-long trail that’s perfect for cycling, walking, rambling, hiking, running (if you’re super fit), and even just dog walking. The highest point on The Wolds is 246 metres above sea level, and that’s known as Garrowby Hill, the largest town in The Wolds is Driffield and the highest village is Fridaythorpe, at an impressive 170 metres above sea level. Now we don’t know about you, but walking 79 miles in one go is a bit of a challenge, but with a Ford Custom Transit, how about just camping over in the van?

Of course, there’s one more thing about working in Hull and that’s the port. Hull is one of the UK’s major seaports, and from here you can head into mainland Europe from Rotterdam or Zeebrugge. Now what’s that got to do with vans you ask? Well, there’s a lot that mainland Europe and the ferry services from Hull have to offer… for one thing, there’s all the duty free, another thing is the fantastic local markets in Europe offering everything from antiques to alcohol and from cheese to chandeliers, and if that’s the kind of shopping you’re into, then the right van is just what you need, to safely transport it all home! Last but by no means least though, is all the outdoor sports and activities across the continent too! For hiking there’s the Tour Du Mont Blanc, if golf’s your thing, then there’s Mont Rei Golf and Country Club and that’s really just the tip of the iceberg but either way, carting all that kit across the continent is a definite reason why you need a van or ranger.

All in all, I guess what we’re really saying, is that Summit Vans is based here in North Ferriby near Hull, because it’s the perfect place to make the most of everything van life has to offer. Don’t believe us? Why not come on down and see for yourselves…

16 Redcliff Road, Melton, North Ferriby, North Humberside, HU14 3RS

Summit Vans on Tour!

Summit Vans is going on tour!

We’ve been working hard to create an awesome collection of Rangers and Custom Vans that are ready for YOU to lease. We’re so proud of this current van collection, we’re taking it on the road to the Scottish Game Fair, the Great Yorkshire Show and the Driffield Show.

Our full range of converted vehicles will be there as well as our friendly and insightful staff so we can answer all your questions about van leasing and van conversions. You’ll also be able to see our amazing high spec and quality finishes in the flesh, it’s not to be missed!

Here are the dates you need for your diary as well as those all-important links so you can buy your tickets:

So, what’s a ranger and why would you want to lease one?

The Ford Ranger is arguably the best compact pick-up truck ever built. It balances comfort and practicality perfectly, so it’s not only the off-road workhorse you’d expect it to be, but a stylish, high spec vehicle too. The Ford Ranger comes in several different versions: the two seat Regular Cab, the four seat Super Cab and the Double Cab. The interiors are washable, the wheels are steel and there’s enough dramatic black trim to last a lifetime. The Double Cab has the advantage of five seats AND four doors, making it, in our opinion, the most family friendly option in the Ranger collection.

If you, your friends or your family enjoy anything and everything from hiking, mountain biking, camping, touring, off-roading, surfing, water sports, fishing… you name it, then leasing a ranger from the team here at Summit Vans could be the right choice for you.

Come and see us while we’re on tour and browse our fantastic collection for yourself.

Meet the Converted Vans…

Everything you need to know about our Converted Vans

If you’re looking for a Ford Van or a Ford Ranger with a difference, then our van conversions could be just what you’re looking for. You can choose from two van conversion packages: an exterior conversion only or an interior plus exterior conversion. In this blog post, we’re here to tell you more about just what you can expect from our converted vans and rangers…

Summit Converted Vans

Our exterior conversions for vans introduce a front Ford grille, a bumper diffuser and fog light surrounds plus our exclusive Summit Vans stickering. If you take it up a level to our fully customised conversion package, then you’ll get all of that plus our three-slat design and perforated leather seats, suede door card arm rests and passenger side suede dashboard with Summit Vans branding.

Picture1 - Summit Vans

Summit Converted Rangers

If a ranger is more your style, then you can make it even more you, with our conversion packages for rangers too. As before you can choose from an exterior only conversion which offers a front grille and arches on all quarters plus a front corner, you’ll get painted black roof rails and load rails and of course, our Summit branded stickering and just like our converted vans, there’s the option of our interior customisation too.

Summit Vans Signpost 6 Result - Summit Vans

Summit Vans Content Page Body Image 15 Result - Summit Vans

So to recap, at Summit Vans we offer two levels of conversion for our Ford Transit and Ford Ranger collection. Here are the details:

Converted Vans Converted Rangers
Conversion Package 1 (Exterior only) Front grille Front grille
Bumper diffuser Arches on all quarters
Fog light surrounds Front corner
Summit branded stickering Painted black roof rails and load rails
Summit branded stickering
Conversion Package 2 (Exterior & Interior) All conversion package 1 All conversion package 1
Three slat design & perforated leather seats Three slat design & perforated leather seats
Suede door card arm rests Suede door card arm rests
Passenger side suede dashboard with Summit branding Passenger side suede dashboard with Summit branding

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What is Contract Hire?

What is Contract Hire?

In simple terms, Contract Hire (Business Contract Hire or Personal Contract Hire) is a method of funding for the use of a vehicle for a set period of time, essentially like hiring a vehicle, but not the overall ownership of it.

It allows you to choose the vehicle you want, use it for a set period of time and an anticipated mileage and then give it back at the end of the period of hire. The risks are therefore with the leasing company under contract hire agreements.

The customer rents the vehicle for a fixed period of time and pays a fixed (normally monthly) rental for the use. The customer is not responsible for the disposal or sale price of the vehicle at the end of the contract – which makes it a very easy and risk free way to run a vehicle.

The only risk to the customer is where the agreed mileage limit is exceeded or if the vehicle is not maintained and kept in good condition.

What do the rentals cover?

The rentals paid by the customer should cover the depreciation costs of the vehicle over the term of the agreement plus interest, but not the full cost of the vehicle. The leasing company will have a residual value risk at the end of the term.


Deposits are not taken, however Advance Rentals are usually paid by the customer at the start of the term. The amounts are usually agreed by the customer and the leasing company but three, six or nine advance rentals are common.

The payments made are based on the price of the vehicle, the term of the lease and agreed mileage.

The rentals during the remainder of the terms will be ‘spread’ equally over the term, or there may be a terminal pause.

All the rentals will attract VAT at the current rate.

During an agreement

The customer agrees to make regular rental payments to the leasing company as per the Contract Hire agreement and must keep the vehicle fully insured and in a roadworthy and good general condition.

Service and maintenance plans are sometimes incorporated into Contract Hire agreements to provide the customer with fixed cost motoring which can help with budgeting and planning.

The end of the agreement

At the end of the contract term, the customer will have paid all the agreed rental payments. The vehicle would be returned to the leasing company and the customer is not responsible for the sale of the vehicle.

If the vehicle has exceeded the agreed mileage, than a pence per mile charge plus VAT would apply to each mile over the agreed amount.

If the vehicle has not been maintained or serviced according to the manufacturer’s recommendation, or ‘fair wear and tear’ has been exceeded, the customer would be charged to compensate for the poor condition of the vehicle.

A Contract Hire agreement can be settled at any point during the term, however penalties for doing so are often high.

A customer can request to extend the length of the contract past the originally agreed period; there may be a change in the rental amounts to do so.

What are you waiting for?

The benefits of a Contract Hire agreement to a customer are vast. With a fantastic choice of vehicles and an affordable way of having a new car every few years, what is there to lose?

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