Why Ford Vans Flex When it Comes to Flexi-Leasing

’Oh for Ford’s sake, not another Ford van fan!’

We hear you. But we can’t deny it. We love Ford vans. How can you not admire what Ford has brought to the van game? They’ve been popular forever and we think we know why…

What Makes Ford Vans So Popular?

Ford Transit Custom Orange.

With a rich history spanning over a century, combined with a long-standing reputation for producing vans that are built to last, Ford has continuously refined its van models to meet the evolving needs of businesses and individuals.

If you’re in the market for a van, Ford’s will find a way to the top of your list, without a doubt. In fact, according to recent data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), Ford vans consistently rank among the top-selling commercial vehicles in the UK.

In 2023 alone, Ford saw sales of:

Ford Van Sales UK Statistics.

Key Reasons Why We Love Ford Vans:

  • Robust & Reliable:

    When it comes to durability and dependability, Ford vans lead the pack. Ford vans undergo rigorous testing and quality assurance measures to ensure they meet Ford’s high standards for performance and reliability. From extreme weather testing to simulated durability trials, Ford vans are put through their paces to ensure they can handle whatever the road throws their way. On top of that, Ford offers a diverse range of van models to suit various needs and preferences. From the compact Ford Transit Connect to the larger Ford Transit Custom, there’s a Ford van for every job and lifestyle.


  • Authentic & Innovative:

    Since the introduction of its first commercial vehicle, (the Model TT in 1917), Ford has remained at the forefront of innovation in the van industry. They’ve gone on to introduce iconic models such as the Ford Transit, revolutionising the way goods and people were transported. Ford vans are not only built to withstand the rigors of daily use but also incorporate cutting-edge technology to enhance safety and efficiency. Features such as Ford’s SYNC infotainment system, advanced driver-assistance systems, and fuel-efficient engine options make these vans a smart choice for modern drivers.


  • Customisable & Comfortable:

    We’re aware that one size or style doesn’t fit all when it comes to vans. Luckily, Ford offers a range of van models to suit various needs and preferences. From the compact Ford Transit Connect to the larger Ford Transit Custom, there’s a Ford van for every job and lifestyle. We’re sure of it. Ford vans are consistently rated highly for their comfort, interior quality, and user-friendly features. This makes them a preferred choice among van drivers. The ability to customise them to your taste is another added bonus.

Ford Van Dash

  • Efficient & Affordable:

    In addition to their durability and versatility, Ford vans are also known for their fuel efficiency and affordability. According to fuel economy data compiled by the Department for Transport (DfT), Ford vans consistently achieve competitive fuel efficiency ratings compared to other models in their class. This helps businesses save on running costs. Plus, with competitive pricing and flexible leasing options, Ford vans offer excellent value for money. As a result, they’re a smart investment for businesses of all sizes.

 Why Choose a Flexi-Lease Ford Van?

The above factors should’ve convinced you that a Ford is the way forward. The only question remaining is: why lease rather than buy?

Simple. There’s a lot of cool benefits to leasing: lower monthly payments, brand spanking new vans every few years, tax deductions and no hassle when it comes to resale.

Plus, at Summit, we also offer short term contracts from 12,000 miles per annum, manufacturer warranty, Road Fund Licence, UK wide delivery and Optional Stylekit Conversions.

If we’ve not yet managed to persuade you that a Ford van is the one for you, perhaps our flexi-lease deals will nudge you over the line.

Which Ford Vans Are Available in the Summit Fleet?

Ford Ranger & Ford Transit.

At Summit Vans, we’re always sourcing and securing a wide range of Ford vans for our flexi-leasing fleet. 

You can choose from the versatile Ford Transit Custom, and embark on the lifestyle journey that comes with it, or opt for the spacious Ford Transit Van for robust reliability on the roads. 

Either way, feel free to get in touch to discuss your options.

Van Conversions: Take to the Road in Serious Style

What is a van conversion?

Custom van conversions offer an interesting opportunity to evolve the outside and/or inside of your van. It goes without saying that the most exciting part of a van customisation is the ability to personalise the space. You can create a van that reflects your personality, needs, and style through this creative process.

At Summit Vans we offer a range of amazing van customisation options and kick-ass body kits. We also offer our 12 Month Flexi Lease deals to make a seamless transition getting yourself into a kitted van! But is van customisation for you?


Van Conversions Style Transit Decals 2 - Summit Vans

Van conversions for Ford Transit drivers

If you work in trade, then there is a strong chance that your mode of transport is a standard transit van. If you’re spending so much time in this vehicle to get from A to B, you may consider investing in something a little nicer if it’s your everyday ride.

Or if you work for a luxury brand that requires vans to do their work, choosing a custom van helps bring the quality, style, and finish of the vehicle up to the same standard as the brand you work for. Afterall, who wouldn’t want to drive around in style?

Van Conversions Style Transit Wheel - Summit Vans

Exterior conversions

If that sounds like you, then check out our Ford Transit Exterior Conversion options. Converion body kits include extended and exaggerated front corners with incorporated splitter elements, redesigned fog light surrounds and aerodynamic two-piece split roof wings. You could have a “Ford” OEM raptor grille and 20” custom wheels too. To finish it all off we can provide exclusive decals and of it goes without saying that any vehicle will come fitted and painted appropriately.

Van Conversions Style Transit Grille - Summit Vans

Interior conversions

When it comes to the interior of the transit van, we have conversion options available here too. The Transit Custom van conversion package includes a range of great features. For starters, seats are hand-trimmed in 3D blade design panelled and perforated leather. The door tops are hand-trimmed in Alcantara with debossed sterling branding. On top of this they have a revamped dashboard and binnacle with the same styling. The front carpets are fitted with exclusive plates too.

Van Conversions Style Transit Seats - Summit Vans

The DCIV van conversion package offers all of this plus the middle bench seat is upgraded to include hand-trimmed 3D blade design panelled and perforated leather and the middle carpet is fitted with exclusive plates as well.

Van Conversions Style Transit Rear - Summit Vans

If these options sound good to you, why not upgrade your transit van with one of our ford transit van conversion packages? We use multiple suppliers to source and fit different body kits so if you’re interested it’s always best to get in touch to find out exactly what’s on offer.


Van Conversions Style Ranger Front - Summit Vans

Conversion packages for Ford Ranger drivers

With the Ford Ranger Exterior Conversion, we offer a wicked exterior bodykit, complete with wheel arches, integrated bumper corners and a front grille replacement with mesh. The package includes utility badges and decals, 20” wheels fitted with tyres in sets of four, and colour coding. Depending on the kit of choice you’ll likely find Mustang headlights, smoked rear lights and a tinted Ford badge to complement the sporty look.

Van Conversions Style Ranger Wheel And Arches - Summit Vans

When it comes to the Ford Ranger Interior Conversion kit all seats are hand-trimmed in 3D blade design panelled and perforated leather. The centre glovebox is also customised in hand-trimmed perforated leather, as are all doors cards. Front carpets fitted with exclusive plates and the dashboard is fitted with hand-trimmed Alcantara with embossed branding.

Ranger Badges - Summit Vans

The Ford Ranger conversion body kits truly transform this industry leading truck into a different beast altogether. A truck which thrives on a whole new playing field in a league of it’s own.


Getting your van conversions on an awesome Summit Flexi Lease deal

Before we close, here’s just a little bit about our 12 Month Flexi Lease deals. Our vehicles are available on a flexible, 12-month van lease term with only a small, refundable security fee up front to pay. With no long-term commitments, you could enjoy the benefit of having a new custom van every 12 months.

Ranger Dashboard - Summit Vans

So, what’s included in our van and truck leasing flexible package?

  • From 1,250 miles per month, or 15,000 per year
  • Short term, low risk leasing
  • Manufacturer warranty
  • Road fund licence
  • Nationwide delivery
  • Conversion body kits available


Ranger Seat - Summit Vans

So, to sum it up, custom van conversions are definitely one of the most popular ways to reinvigorate your van. And with our wide range of customisation plans AND flexible leasing packages, you’re absolutely spoilt for choice. Take a peak at some of our awesome van conversion plans and bask in the style.

A Series of Random Ford Transit Facts

The Ford Transit – a name that’s synonymous with versatility and reliability in the world of commercial vehicles. This world renowned van has a rich history littered with random facts and fascinating tidbits that often get overlooked or unnoticed. In this article we’re going to list a selection of these wondrous Transit facts and hidden gems, so whether you’re a dedicated Ford enthusiast or simply curious about the hidden treasures of this enduring icon – take a moment to read on and discover something you probably didn’t know about the Transit…


The first ever Ford Transit came down the line at the company‘s Langley commercial vehicle plant in Berkshire, England on August 9, 1965. This was an old Hawker Hurricane factory.

65 Transit - Summit Vans

– The 1965 Transit was the first van big enough to carry an 8ft by 4ft sheet of plywood.

– Ford took £33million of orders before production had even started on the first Transit.

– The Transit was close to being named V-Series but bosses spotted a large “Transit” label on the prototype when it arrived in the UK – and the name stuck.

– Langley built 317,800 Transits before production moved to Southampton in 1972.

– Southampton, an ex-Spitfire factory, built 2,200,173 Transits before closing in July 2013.

– To demonstrate the durability of its new diesel engine, two Ford Transits drove flat-out for a week non-stop at the high-speed Monza race circuit in 1972, breaking three world endurance records, including 10,000 miles (16,000 km) at an average speed of 73.684 mph.

Transit 3001 - Summit Vans

A 6-wheeled Transit concept vehicle, the Ford Transit 3001 complete with gullwing doors was commissioned by Ford in 1979 as a vision for vans of the future.

– In 1985, Ford apprentices from Dunton, U.K., built a floating Transit to take part in the annual raft race at Southend, Essex.

– Capital Radio once circled the M25 for seven days and nights in a Transit in 1986.

Awd - Summit Vans

– The 2006 Transit ensured that customers were even more spoilt for choice, being the first van ever to offer front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive or a sophisticated new intelligent all-wheel drive (AWD) system – ideal for icy winter conditions or tacking off-road tracks.

– In 2014, the Transit went on sale in North America for the very first time, replacing Ford’s popular E-Series model. Transits for that market are produced in a new assembly plant in Kansas City, U.S.

– On August 9th 2025 the Ford Transit will be celebrating its 60th Anniversary.

Ford Transit Now - Summit Vans

One in four UK van sales is a Transit.

– A new Ford Transit is sold roughly every 3 minutes.

– Lined up end-to-end, every Ford Transit would circle the globe.

The Predator Apex Body Kit for the Ford Transit Custom

Arrive in style with our unique conversion style kit offering. We believe in making a grand entrance, and through this class-leading conversion, you’re going to turn heads. Check out the video below and prepare to pick your jaw off the ground:

Predator Transit Video - Summit Vans

With unrivalled design and styling, let’s take a look at this kit; fully colour coded in a two-way colour scheme – body colour and black. This is the Predator Apex body kit for the Ford Transit Custom.

Predator Transit Full - Summit Vans

This must-have body styling kit is available on our 12 month flexi lease Transit Custom van offers, for both LWB and SWB models. It truly elevates the Transit van to the next level.

Predator Transit Grille - Summit Vans

The stunning exterior kit includes the Predator branded front grille in black with integrated LEDs and a sport colour coded front valance.

Predator Transit Valance - Summit Vans

The side sill skirts are also colour coded and of course come with SWB and LWB options. This combination gives the Transit Custom a much more aggressive look and feel.

Predator Transit Wheel - Summit Vans

One of the most eye-catching upgrades with this kit are the wheels – fitted with 18” Iconic black alloys, complete with central Predator badge and load rated tyres. Accompanying these special alloys are the colour coded wheel arch trims which buff up the look even further.

Predator Transit Rear Valance - Summit Vans

Heading round to the back of the kitted Transit van, you’ll notice the colour coded rear valance diffuser, complete with style enhancements to the exhaust for that sporty look on the road. A stylish, colour coded rear roof spoiler completes the kit and raises the aesthetic of the van to the maximum.

Predator Transit Spoiler - Summit Vans

The Predator Apex body kits are exclusively available only to certain trade clients and selected partners. Through Summit Vans you can get a brand new Ford Transit Custom on our 12 month flexi lease package – Also available on flexi lease is the beast equivalent; the Ford Transit Custom fitted with this unbelievable Predator kit.

Check out our flexi lease offers today and ask about our Predator kits when you enquire!


A Journey Through The Ford Transit’s History

From a space revelation to a van fit for all adventures

It was 1965 when production of the vehicle similar to the one we recognise today as the Ford Transit van first began. Now 58 years later, whatever the needs of the customer, the Ford Transits of today are there to meet them. So, let’s head back in time to 1965 and see where it all began for the UK’s most popular van. 


1965: The First Generation – The revelation of space!

Buyers in the UK were both surprised and delighted to have the chance to buy a vehicle with space. Talk about a revelation! The wide body design of the ford transit van offered far more space than other contemporary vehicles of the time, and the square shell gave the Ford Transit a distinctly American feel. It was a hit with UK buyers, and demand soon began to outstrip supply. After originally being manufactured in Berkshire, demand for the vehicle meant a new plant was opened in Southampton. The choice now available to UK buyers was not something they’d previously had in the light commercial vehicle (LCV) market. The van came in a wide variety of configurations, including pickup trucks, panel and crew vans and even minibuses. And buyers were also able to choose from a petrol or diesel engine. The Ford Transit van was off to a flying start.

A little over 12 years later, the Ford Transit underwent some major updates. The Mark II made its debut after having undergone work on its looks and engineering, which helped to improve both the reliability and safety of the vehicle. With this revamp, much thought was also given to the vehicle’s internal comfort. The first ‘fast’ transit was also introduced with a V6 engine, and an automatic transmission was also available. 


1986: The Second Generation – A brand new look! 

The second generation of the Ford transit van saw the exterior given an overhaul to look much more like the version we see on our roads today. Changes were also made to the suspension, which served to improve the handling of the vehicle. Central to the Transit’s major overhaul was maintaining the vehicle’s versatility, durability and great value for money, which had made it a popular and top seller from the outset. Additional changes to the second generation model would arrive in 1994, with the aim of introducing more comfort to the vehicle. Whilst no doubt considered standard today, in 1994 updates such as electric windows, airbags, air conditioning and a central locking system were taking full advantage of the technology available at the time.


2000: The Third Generation – A big comfort boost!

The third generation of the Ford Transit arrived in the year 2000, and was more car-like in its performance, drive and comfort than ever before. For the first time ever, the Transit came in front or rear wheel drive, and buyers had two height options to choose from. In 2006, the van was given a slight exterior makeover and a few more ergonomic improvements. 2006 also saw the introduction of an exciting Transit ‘sports van’ complete with racing stripes and alloy wheels.


2013: The Fourth Generation – A van for every adventure!

The fourth generation of the Transit would offer buyers the convenience and choice they needed all in one van; it certainly wasn’t a one size fits all approach here! There were different height options to choose from, three choices of wheelbase lengths (medium, long and extended) and the fourth generation van improved on the previous generations with the introduction of larger loading bays. Decades after its successful debut in 1965, the Transit range now features the Transit Courier, Transit Connect, Transit Custom and of course the full size Transit van. 


After decades of evolution, carefully crafting and curating the Ford Transit over the years, it’s safe to say the market now has a vehicle fit for purpose and it’s hardly surprising that when it comes to buying a van in the UK, the Transit remains the most popular choice. It’s tried and tested, and remains the best selling van in the UK since its launch way back in 1965. And that’s why at Summit Vans, we are invested in the Ford brand, and offer high spec, quality Ford Transits and Ford Rangers for sale and for lease. Check out our available Ford Custom Transit vans and Ford Rangers available on our popular flexi-lease deals here.

The Ford Transit Custom: It’s Not a Van, It’s a Lifestyle

When we say Ford Transit Custom, you say tough, versatile, and totally awesome!

The Ford Transit Custom was first debuted at the 2012 Commercial Vehicle Show, at the NEC in Birmingham, making this wicked van an impressive 10 years old this year! Since launch, it went on to win the 2013 Van of the Year award and in 2019 it won the What Van Award for Medium Van of The Year. For us here at Summit Vans though, the Ford Transit Custom will always be a winner, no matter what. It’s got unrivalled style, awesome road handling characteristics and clever load carrying solutions. In short, the Ford Transit Custom has it all.

Style, space, storage & performance comes as standard in the Ford Transit Custom

It’s this wicked combo of style, space, storage, and performance, that makes this van way more than just a van, it’s a lifestyle. The three bodystyles: van, double cab (DCIV) and Kombi mean you can effortlessly take the Ford Transit Custom from work mode to holiday mode and everything else in-between. Depending on the bodystyle, it can seat up to 9 people and still cram in a payload of more than 800kg and enjoy an average load space of approximately 6 cubic metres, in even the smallest L1H1 version. To put that in perspective, 6 cubic meters is about 100 times as big as a half keg style beer barrel… and one of them holds the equivalent of 165 cans of beer! To put it another way, it’s about 8.5 times as big as a hot tub. Whatever you can relate to, it’s safe to say the Ford Transit Custom is plenty big enough for most situations and occasions.

It’s not all about loading and access though, when it comes to the Ford Custom Transit, there’s an engine for every occasion too, whether you’re interested in going green and embracing hybrid and electric or if you’re keeping it old school and going with Diesel; whatever you prefer there’s an engine choice to suit you. Here at Summit, we rate the advanced high performance EcoBlue diesel engines if you’re looking for an awesome ride.

A mid-sized van with style and substance

As we mentioned at the beginning, the Ford Transit Custom will be turning 10 this year, but that doesn’t mean the styling is anything like 10 years old. In fact, the Transit Custom had a facelift in 2018, what the guys at Ford call a “mid-cycle action” and it was this facelift that took the Ford Transit Custom from just another mid-sized van to THE mid-sized van! Easy to clean, but super slick leather interiors are perfect for heavy work use as well as family outings and the bold FORD front grille is reminiscent of off-road vehicles and SUVs that’s perfectly in-keeping with other outdoor adventure vehicles. There’s more cabin stowage space than you can shake a stick at, and in the higher spec versions, you get all the benefits of modern tech in the floating, touchscreen infotainment (yeah, that’s a word) system. On top of that, awesome conversion packages like the ones we do here at Summit, can inject even more personality, style and curb appeal into your Ford Custom Transit (you can find out more about that, here).

It’s not all about interior comfort and style though, the Custom is also impressive on the road. The handling, especially in the cornering is impressive, with proper agility, little to no body roll and a suspension that absorbs most bumps in the road without complaint – ideal if you prefer the mud track to the racetrack. Testament to the fact it’s a van though, you can argue the handling of the Ford Custom Transit actually gets better when it’s loaded, so no need to be shy on packing all your kit in. For even more details about just what makes the Ford Transit Custom awesome, we recommend this article here.

So who needs a Ford Transit Custom Van?

In our opinion, everyone, but if we had to choose, we rate the Ford Transit Custom as number one for people who like to work hard AND play hard. The van’s dimensions make it spacious yet maneuverable, while the easy rear access makes loading and unloading the van super simple, whether it’s work tools you’re unloading, or surf gear, camping kit, fishing tackle, rock climbing stuff you name it…

Interested in doing your next adventure in a Ford Custom Transit? Let’s talk.