Van Conversions: Take to the Road in Serious Style

What is a van conversion?

Custom van conversions offer an interesting opportunity to evolve the outside and/or inside of your van. It goes without saying that the most exciting part of a van customisation is the ability to personalise the space. You can create a van that reflects your personality, needs, and style through this creative process.

At Summit Vans we offer a range of amazing van customisation options and kick-ass body kits, plus we offer our industry leading 12 Month Flexi Lease deals to help make it easier and more affordable to get into a kitted van! But is van customisation for you?


Van Conversions Style Transit Decals 2 - Summit Vans

Van conversions for Ford Transit drivers

If you work in trade, then there is a strong chance that your mode of transport is a standard transit van. If you’re spending so much time in this vehicle to get from A to B, you may consider investing in something a little nicer if it’s your everyday ride.

Or if you work for a luxury brand that requires vans to do their work, choosing a custom van helps bring the quality, style, and finish of the vehicle up to the same standard as the brand you work for. Afterall, who wouldn’t want to drive around in style?

Van Conversions Style Transit Wheel - Summit Vans

If that sounds like you, then check out our Ford Transit Exterior Conversion options. Converion body kits include extended and exaggerated front corners with incorporated splitter elements, redesigned fog light surrounds and aerodynamic two-piece split roof wings. You could have a “Ford” OEM raptor grille and 20” custom wheels too. To finish it all off we can provide exclusive decals and of it goes without saying that any vehicle will come fitted and painted appropriately.

Van Conversions Style Transit Grille - Summit Vans

When it comes to the interior of the transit van, we have conversion options available here too. The Transit Custom van conversion package includes a range of great features. For starters, seats are hand-trimmed in 3D blade design panelled and perforated leather. The door tops are hand-trimmed in Alcantara with debossed sterling branding, as well as a revamped dashboard and binnacle with the same styling. The front carpets are fitted with exclusive plates too.

Van Conversions Style Transit Seats - Summit Vans

The DCIV van conversion package offers all of this plus the middle bench seat is upgraded to include hand-trimmed 3D blade design panelled and perforated leather and the middle carpet is fitted with exclusive plates as well.

Van Conversions Style Transit Rear - Summit Vans

If these options sound good to you, why not upgrade your transit van with one of our ford transit van conversion packages? We use multiple suppliers to source and fit different body kits so if you’re interested it’s always best to get in touch to find out exactly what’s on offer.


Van Conversions Style Ranger Front - Summit Vans

Conversion packages for Ford Ranger drivers

With the Ford Ranger Exterior Conversion, we offer a wicked exterior bodykit, complete with wheel arches, integrated bumper corners and a front grille replacement with mesh. The package also includes utility badges and decals, 20” wheels fitted with exceptional tyres in a set of four, and colour coding. Depending on the kit of choice you’ll likely find Mustang headlights, smoked rear lights and a tinted Ford badge to complement the sporty look.

Van Conversions Style Ranger Wheel And Arches - Summit Vans

When it comes to the Ford Ranger Interior Conversion kit all seats are hand-trimmed in 3D blade design panelled and perforated leather. The centre glovebox is also customised in hand-trimmed perforated leather, as are all doors cards. Front carpets are fitted with exclusive plates, and to finish off, the dashboard is fitted with hand-trimmed Alcantara with embossed branding.

Van Conversions Style Ranger Badges - Summit Vans

The Ford Ranger conversion body kits truly transform this industry leading truck into a different beast altogether – A truck which thrives on a whole new playing field in a league of it’s own.


Getting your van conversion on an awesome Summit Flexi Lease deal

Before we close, here’s just a little bit about our 12 Month Flexi Lease deals. Our vehicles are available on a flexible, 12-month van lease term with only a small, refundable security fee up front to pay. With no long-term commitments, you could enjoy the benefit of having a new custom van every 12 months.

Van Conversions Style Ranger Dashboard - Summit Vans

So, what’s included in our van and truck leasing flexible package?

  • From 1,250 miles per month, or 15,000 per year
  • Short term, low risk leasing
  • Manufacturer warranty
  • Road fund licence
  • Nationwide delivery
  • Conversion body kits available


Van Conversions Style Ranger Seat - Summit Vans

So, to sum it all up, custom van conversions are definitely one of the most popular and exciting ways in which you can reinvigorate your van. And with our wide range of customisation plans AND flexible leasing packages, you’re absolutely spoilt for choice. Take a peak at some of our awesome van conversion plans and bask in the style.

The History of the Ford Ranger

One of the most popular pickup trucks on the planet, the Ford Ranger is manufactured by the Ford Motor Company.  It’s a firm favourite globally (and with us!) for being beautiful, robust, and timeless. This high-performance pickup truck has a rich history but comes from humble beginnings. Here’s a look at how the impressive Ford Ranger has evolved into the classic we know and love today…


Ranger 1983 - Summit Vans

Introduction/First Generation (1983-1992)

The Ford Ranger’s North American Story began in 1983 when they launched a new smaller pickup truck to go head-to-head against their main competitor, Chevy. This was Ford’s first self-produced compact pickup truck to replace the Mazda Courier. Ford knew they needed a smaller pickup than its already popular F-150 series, which for many, was simply too big, and as a result the Ford Ranger was introduced. This first edition of the Ford Ranger was an immediate success, as it was the best-selling compact pickup truck in the USA from 1987-2004. A tough little truck for people who needed to haul things. Even though it was much smaller than its older brother, the Ford F-Series, there were key differences that made the Ford Ranger more appealing to the consumer. The Ford Ranger models with 4×4 capabilities matched or even exceeded the F-100’s payload abilities with a maximum payload of 1,600 pounds. Other key differences were additional engine choices (adding a V6 and a 4-cylinder diesel engine option to the standard inline-four-cylinder) and it had a six or seven-foot-long bed. It had a leaf-spring rear suspension and an independent front suspension made from high-strength steel as opposed to forged steel. This made the overall weight of the Ford Ranger significantly less, which led to a better fuel economy without compromising strength. Almost 250,000 Rangers were sold in 1985 alone, but its best-selling years were still to come. This may be due in part to the very reasonable price tag of $6203 (adjusted for inflation this would be $16,570).


Ranger 1996 - Summit Vans

Second Generation (1993-1997) Redesign and Refresh

The Ford Ranger was immensely popular and incredibly successful, but it needed an upgrade to remain fresh. This led to a major redesign and in 1993 the Ford Ranger Second Generation was introduced. The grille size was reduced substantially, creating a smoother, more aerodynamic face for the Ranger and slight fender flares were added to the body contour to give a more rounded look. This redesign sought to improve the overall driving experience by making improvements to reliability and acceleration. This redesign was well received by consumers as the Ford Ranger went on to win the coveted “Pickup Truck of the Year” award.


Ranger 2004 - Summit Vans

Third Generation (1998-2012)

The Ford Ranger underwent another major redevelopment in 1998 and the Third Generation Ford Ranger was released. Revisions to the suspension and steering mechanisms gave drivers a much smoother ride, and a 25L I-4 engine gave a 6% boost in power. Another unique feature, the Ford Ranger was the only pickup to offer an option of a Super cab with suicide doors. This allowed space for 2 seats in the backseat and being able to carry more passengers or cargo in the cab. The concept of a Super cab was then extended to full size pickups.The Ford Ranger grew substantially in the course of the 1998 redo, but the hood line lowered, and the rear window grew, allowing for greater overall visibility. The Ford Ranger’s popularity may again be partly due to the cost. The base price in 2000 was $11,485. Adjusted for inflation, that would be about $16,747, or approximately the same as the Ranger’s 1980s price equivalent. In short, the Ford Ranger remained the “people’s pickup.”


Ranger 2018 - Summit Vans

Fourth Generation (International 2012 – 2019)

Between 2012 and 2018, Ford Rangers were still making great sales in markets around the world, except the US market. And throughout these years, the Ford Ranger didn’t receive any major changes. Subtle variants were made such as an extended grille, aluminium chassis, as well as several advanced safety and driver assistance features. At the same time, 2012 to 2018, North America saw a 7-year hiatus of the Ford Ranger as its production was retired so focus could be redirected to the larger F series pickup trucks. Fords rationale was that they needed to concentrate on the full-size pickup trucks which ultimately generated the bulk of its global profits. However, once again they found the latest F-150 to be too big and too expensive for the typical consumer and by the time 2018 came around Ford decided to relaunch its smaller Ford Ranger version to retail alongside the larger siblings.


Ranger 2019 - Summit Vans

Return of the Ford Ranger (2019)

In 2019, the fourth generation Ford Ranger was debuted in the United States market for the first time in almost a decade. However, the new Ford Ranger would no longer be marketed as a compact truck. It would now be the company’s first-ever entry-level, mid-size truck. The 2019 Ford Ranger is built for individuals who want strength and utility, but don’t want a massive vehicle like the F-150. Available in three trim levels, all 2019 Ford Ranger models are powered by a 2.3L Eco-boost engine that generates 270 hp and 310 lb-ft of torque.


Ranger Raptor 2019 - Summit Vans

Introduction of the Ford Ranger Raptor (2019)

The Ford Ranger Raptor was introduced in 2019. This special model is based optically on the US model F-150 Raptor and was developed by Ford Performance for real off-road enthusiasts. The Ford Ranger Raptor is considered the “ultimate ranger” and is proving itself to be an off-roading contender equipped to take on any challenge. Equipped with all-wheel drive, all terrain tyres, a custom, ultra-strong chassis frame made of high-strength, low-alloy steel, and race-inspired FOX Pro suspension, the Ford Ranger Raptor offers maximum off-road capability.


Ranger New - Summit Vans

Current Generation (2019-present)

Today, it’s safe to say that the Ford Ranger has come a long way since its initial release way back in 1983. Those early models have become collectors’ items while the newest models remain incredibly popular. The new, current generation Ranger has certainly lost it’s compact truck image, especially with the 4X4 Super-crew cab, but even so, consumers are still as eager and excited to purchase the new style Ranger as they were when it was first released. Oh, and let’s not forget, the new Ranger has won the coveted Best Pickup Award, not one, not two, but three years in a row!


If you’re interested in owning one of the best pickup trucks ever made, then why not check out our Used Stock or our mind blowing Flexi Lease offers on the Ford Ranger today.

A Closer Look at the Brand New Ford Ranger Wildtrak

The Ford Ranger has long been a favourite among truck enthusiasts – known for its rugged performance and dependability. With the release of the new Ford Ranger Wildtrak, the iconic pickup truck has undergone significant upgrades and enhancements that further solidify its position as a leader in the midsize truck segment. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the new Ford Ranger and explore the key features that have cemented it as an industry leader.


Ranger Blog Front - Summit Vans

Bold and Modern Exterior

The new Ford Ranger boasts a bold and modern design, featuring a muscular front grille, sleek LED headlights, and chiselled body lines. With its aggressive stance and commanding presence, the Ranger exudes confidence on and off the road. The Wildtrak’s signature design elements, such as the sports hoop and side steps, further enhance its visual appeal. With an array of available colours, including vibrant options, the Wildtrak allows drivers to express their individuality.


Ranger Blog Rear 4wd - Summit Vans

Powerful Performance

Under the hood the Ford Ranger Wildtrak offers impressive power and performance, ensuring a thrilling driving experience. It comes with a turbocharged 3.2-litre five-cylinder diesel engine delivering ample horsepower and torque. The engines are mated to a smooth-shifting transmission, providing seamless acceleration and responsive handling. The Wildtrak’s towing and payload capacities make it a reliable workhorse for hauling heavy loads. Add 4WD into this combination and you’re onto a true winner!


Ranger Blog Infotainment - Summit Vans

Advanced Technology

The new Ford Ranger Wildtrak incorporates a host of advanced technologies to enhance the driving experience. The SYNC 4 infotainment system takes centre stage. It’s a whopping 12”, offering a user-friendly interface, smartphone integration, and voice commands. Available features such as a touchscreen display, navigation system, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto provide seamless connectivity and entertainment options. Safety features like adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, and lane-keeping assist contribute to a safer driving experience. Other available features include a panoramic sunroof, dual-zone climate control, and a premium sound system, ensuring a luxurious and enjoyable ride.


Ranger Blog Off Road - Summit Vans

Off-Road Capability

True to its heritage, the new Ford Ranger is designed to tackle off-road challenges. Built to tackle the toughest terrains, the new Ford Ranger Wildtrak is equipped with features that deliver exceptional off-road performance. Its robust suspension system, high ground clearance, and advanced 4×4 drivetrain allow for confident navigation through challenging landscapes. The Wildtrak also features an electronic rear differential lock, hill descent control, and off-road drive modes, providing enhanced traction and control. This pickup truck is ready to conquer any off-road adventure.


Ranger Blog Interior - Summit Vans

Comfort and Convenience

Step inside the new Ford Ranger Wildtrak, and you’ll find a refined and comfortable cabin that exudes premium craftsmanship. The interior features leather-trimmed seats with Wildtrak stitching, providing both style and comfort. The interior of the new Ford Ranger is designed with driver comfort and convenience in mind. The spacious cabin offers ample legroom and headroom for both front and rear passengers. High-quality materials, ergonomic seats, and thoughtful storage solutions create a comfortable and practical environment. The Ranger also provides various available amenities such as heated and power-adjustable seats, a panoramic sunroof, and a premium audio system, ensuring a pleasant driving experience.


Ranger Blog Conclusion - Summit Vans


The new Ford Ranger represents a significant leap forward in terms of performance, technology, and versatility. With its bold design, powerful engine options, advanced features, and off-road capabilities, the Ranger is poised to dominate the midsize truck segment. Whether you’re a weekend warrior seeking adventure or someone in need of a reliable workhorse, the new Ford Ranger Wildtrak offers an attractive package that combines ruggedness, refinement, and modernity, making it a standout choice in its class. The Wildtrak offers the versatility and excitement to elevate your driving experience to new heights.

The Ford Ranger: The Greatest Ranger You Haven’t Driven Yet

When we think of the phrase, ‘great to drive,’ we always think of the Ford Ranger. They are slick, stylish and sturdy and they really exemplify what a ranger is all about.

The Ranger has an impressive history. In 1982, Ford knew it needed a smaller pickup than its already popular F-150, which for many, was just too big. As a result, Ford introduced the very first Ranger pickup, which was the dominant model until 1992. It was made available with various engine choices (adding a V6 and a 4-cylinder diesel engine option to the standard inline-four-cylinder) and it had a six or seven-foot-long bed.

The vehicle was hugely popular, but as time went on, the vehicle needed an upgrade to remain fresh. In 1993, Ford introduced the second-generation ranger, which was a major redesign. It had its grille size reduced to create a more aerodynamic face for the Ranger. Fender flares were included to give the pickup a more rounded look. The idea was to improve the driving experience by improving the acceleration and reliability.  Since then, Ford has improved the Ranger throughout the years to make that driving experience as good as possible and as a result, the Ford Ranger has won its fair share of awards. Just last year, in 2021, the Ford Ranger Double Cab 2.0 Ecoblue 213 Wildtrak auto won the award for Pick-up of the Year from The Ranger won the same award in 2021 as well, from Auto Express, for the third consecutive year in a row!


A powerful, reliable, and safe Ranger

Of course, the Ford Ranger has many awesome attributes that make it a household name. The Ford Ranger Wildtrak Double Cab is a highlight, featuring the Ford EcoBlue diesel engine, which at 2.0 litre is wickedly powerful yet boasts ridiculously low emissions. It has three powertrains available, which offers up to 213 PS of horsepower and 500 Nm of torque. This Ranger has advanced software that supports a few desirable safety features too, including the very helpful auto-park assist, auto start-stop and pre-collision assist.

A regular cab can get you a mag gross payload of 1140kg, a max GVM of 3270kg and a max towing capacity of up to 3500kg (that’s about nine tenths as heavy as a hippopotamus). Again, that’s literally just a single cab too! A super cab allows for this and two extra powers, and then a double cab gives you a more premium choice, allowing for maximum comfort as well as considerable loading space.


What makes our Rangers so brilliant?

We have a few different models available right now. The Ford Ranger EcoBlue Wildtrak has an engine size of 1997 cc with a top speed of 112 mph. It’s black, sleek, and classy design makes it a simple yet truly eye-catching vehicle. Our Ford Ranger Wildtrak Double Cab Manual is another stunner. It’s orange paint job makes it stand out from the crowd. It has an engine size of 3196 cc with a top speed of 109 mph. Our Ranger conversions allow even more customisation on top of these awesome foundations as well, so you can really make the Ranger yours, both inside and out.


Is a Ford Ranger for you?

If you’re adventurous and love to live life on the wild side the Ford Ranger would be the vehicle we’d recommend to you. If you’re interested, get in touch! We’d be happy to answer any questions you have on these awesome vehicles.